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Digital Health Festival Review

I had the opportunity to participate in the Digital Health Festival in Melbourne, and I'm excited to share insights and takeaways from the event.

It is the only place where the entire health ecosystem meets with a focus on technology as a tool for enhanced patient outcomes and productivity.

Recognised as Australia's premier health technology event, the Digital Health Festival attracts over 6,000 health leaders. It provides a dynamic platform for the exchange of innovative ideas and the formation of strategic partnerships.

This collaborative group of health leaders meet to spark new ideas, form new partnerships, and, together, change the future of healthcare.

The prevailing theme revolved around Generative AI. The applications of Generative AI spanned across various facets of healthcare, from patient segmentation to compassionate communication, making a substantial impact on the industry and its workflow.

A particular highlight for me was witnessing a powerful affirmation from Danielle Bancroft of BP Software that "technology is not the problem." This resonated deeply with my own experiences, shunning the misconception that technology is the primary obstacle in healthcare advancements.

Beneath the surface of the festival's content, I found invaluable connections and conversations with industry professionals, which underscored the true essence of the event - networking and sharing real-life experiences in healthcare.

With the promise of new insights and strategies to bring back, I am eager to attend the Digital Health Festival again next year and share the learnings with both you and my clients over the coming months.


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