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Last days - protect your online presence with priority .au registration

A reminder to our clients holding current longer forms of .au domain names that the priority allocation period for the new .au direct domain is ending. We encourage you to register the .au direct version of your current domain name to protect your business.

Earlier this year, Australian businesses became eligible to register .au domain names - e.g. Businesses were given a priority allocation period of 6 months which provided priority registration rights to registrants of matching domain names in other .au namespaces, such as and

Essentially this meant that if you owned an Australian domain such as "" you would have priority on being able to register the new shorter domain "".

This priority period expires after 20 September 2022 which means direct .au names will be available to the general public. Businesses that have failed to register their .au direct name are at risk of competitors or other similarly branded businesses registering the .au direct version of their domain.

How to register priority allocation

You domain provider (e.g., GoDaddy, Crazy Domains) will be authorised to register you with a new .au domain name under the priority allocation period. Please visit their website and follow the link to register a new .au domain. You will require details of your business such as ABN, ACN or trading name registration.

A list of authorised domain providers accredited for this services is here: auDA accredited registrars.

For further details on the .au domain changes please visit: .


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