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Cubiko Assist - GP Key Metrics

GrowthMD urges all General Practice owners and managers to spend quality strategic time on their business.

Now is the crucial time to have complete visibility into your changing practice operations.

Along with traditional financial data, some areas to be actively managing are:

✅ Revenue and appointments per hour

✅ High care groups - appointment needs, scheduling and recalls

✅ Your changing volume of Telehealth items

✅ Doctor availability and appointment coverage

✅ Schedule based on demographics and isolation constraints

GrowthMD is proud to work with Cubiko and their new release - Cubiko Assist.

Cubiko Assist is an intelligent free tool available to help GP practices remain profitable and sustainable during this COVID-19 time of challenge.

Please register your interest below or book a meeting with our team to discuss how the dashboard can be implemented as part of an overall smart management strategy.

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