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My learning from the 1st year in business.

1. Growth is easy - growing sustainably and staying authentic is the constant challenge.

2. The human side of life will often affect a client's financial success more than always adhering to rigid financial KPIs - a marriage ending, illness or kids with evolving needs aren't dealt with in isolation.

3. I have more strength and resilience than I ever thought. I also have a few more weaknesses than I thought (a work in progress).

4. Running a small business has the potential to consume all - I am learning to be disciplined in where I direct my energy.

5. Tunnel vision is real - I now constantly test myself on what the big picture looks like, for myself and my clients.

6. Personal satisfaction and working with people I genuinely enjoy means more to me than making money - the concept that I am sure drives most early small business owners to keep going.

7. Winning awards is amazing for me, however, my clients don't care so much. Being responsive and giving my clients what they need quickly is amazing for them.

8. The domino effect is real - saying yes to small challenges outside of my comfort zone has led me to places and people I never saw coming.


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