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Practice Managers are heroes.

Healthcare Practice Managers can be the hero of your high performing medical practice.

However, on average healthcare PMs are spending 17% of their time on financial processes - which is equates to around 330 hours per year!

PMs I work with are in some cases spending far more than 17% of their time on financial processes - bookkeeping, billing reconciliations, BAS and calculating practitioner payments.

One of the things I love about my work at GrowthMD is when I collaborate with PMs in streamlining financial processes and creating more time.

After all, most PMs I know want to focus on happy patients, a cohesive team and a high standard healthcare business - not on bookwork.

Photo taken from the 2019 Salary Survey presented at the AAPM conference by Colleen Sullivan OAM, in partnership with UNE.


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