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Thank you, we are finalists.

We are super excited to announce we are finalists in the Australian Accounting Awards.

The Australian Accounting Awards are regarded as the industry’s most prestigious accolades - recognising excellence across the entire accounting industry. The awards pinpoint professional development and innovation, showcasing both the individuals and firms who are leading the way in the industry.

Finalist - GrowthMD - Innovator of the Year

Innovative businesses, at a time of intense disruption and evolution, are taking advtantage of the ever-growing opportunities in the accounting industry and securing their success as long-term players.

This award recognises the most innovative business in the accounting industry in Australia, acknowledging the business that best developed and capitalised on innovation during the 2018 calendar year.

Finalist - Kelly Chard - Thought Leader of the Year

Thought leaders in the accounting industry champion its growth, development and success by voicing new and challenging ideas.

This award recognises an individual within the accounting industry who has shown a committed passion and aptitude for improving the industry.

The recipient of this award will personify business leadership, and be entrepreneurial and committed to the industry. They will also support the growth of new industry entrants as well as the delivery of training, education and mentoring.


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