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Using technology to drive financial efficiency and growth in your medical practice.

Profitable health practices of the future will leverage from streamlined and efficient financial processes. In this video, learn how to get started in implementing a digitally based financial framework. We take you through:

- Financial technology available to medical practices - Quick-wins via cost-effective tools - Automating low-value data entry - Eliminating human error and fraud - Tools to navigate and grow a profitable practice

Learn how to implement a digitally based financial framework within your practice.

Kelly's co-host is Wayne Schmidt, who launched cloud technology giant Xero in Australia.

Need help in your practice?

Practice efficiency audit - $950

• Onsite or online Australia wide

• Review your current situation

• People

• Tools & Processes

• Financial Metrics

• Identify pain points and areas of improvement

• A written report on suggested solutions and a list of quick wins

Book a call with Kelly below.


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