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Why use a Specialist Accountant?

I am asked, “why do I need a specialist medical practice accountant” almost daily? Often people look at me curiously and ask, “aren’t all accountants the same?”.

Here is what I say:

1. When you need comparative financial data on your business performance 👉🏻 we have that

2. Want to reduce payroll tax risk in your practice 👉🏻 we have a documented strategy for that

3. Looking at service fee or billing method changes 👉🏻 we have modelled for that

4. Have a problem keeping you up at night 👉🏻 we have another client with the same issue; we know about that

You get the idea.

As medical practice only accountants, we don’t need to recreate the wheel. You engage us for advice that adds value, not for us to learn about your industry first. We already know about that.


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