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Some see their role as an accountant in a narrow frame - compute tax, lodge return, claim GST. Repeat.

I like to view our contribution on a larger scale and with purpose.

In my world, I work with many medical practices.

Through this work, I believe I can make an impact. I can help your business be more profitable and cash flow positive. I can reduce your financial stress. I can give you the tools to free up your time and your team’s time. Which means you can focus on patients, or you can focus on family and friends. Your health and relationships improve. Maybe you can go on that holiday you have been putting off.

With more time, your team is happier. Maybe the family is more comfortable. A happy team can focus on satisfied patients. More satisfied patients are more likely to return - impacting their health outcomes and your business success. Which means you can give back to your community or those in need.

You can keep people employed and financially independent. Some may find this ridiculous or too touchy-feely for accountants.

I think it is what we should all aspire also. As skilled and passionate accountants, we can make differences that flow on to significant impacts.

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